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▲ How many types of Mobile service plans in UK?

In UK severely competitive market, UK mobile network providers have developed more and more service plans so as to meet customers’ different requirements. Generally, there are four main types of services:
a. Pay monthly plan, or contract mobile. Its advantages over pay as you go phone lie in its fixed monthly line rental, certain free inclusive minutes, free texts and a free handsets to choose for certain line rental.
b. Pay monthly SIM only. There is no contract for this service. . Compared with normal plans, customers could get more free minutes or texts with their own mobile phone. If you want, just give 30 days notice, you can cancel your service at any time.
c. Pay as you go mobile . When you buy a pay as you go mobile, you will get free SIM card .
d . Pay as you go SIM card. If you have your own mobile, you can just buy a SIM card or get a free card from some shops or internet. Different network has different special offer for pay as you go mobile. For example, Vodafone stop the clock, you can make up to 1 hour calls and just pay for three minutes. The advantages of pay as you go mobile are low price and flexibility. You can use it immediately as you buy it or you have done top –up. If you just came to UK, or you are under 18 years old, or you are not going to make many calls, pay as you go mobile is you best choice.

▲ How to order a mobile phone online?
Ordering online is simple. There are only a few steps to follow.
First step: compare and choose a network.
You should consider many factors such as free handset, inclusive minutes and texts offered, their service quality, signal coverage, network your family or friends are using, availability of international calls within the free inclusive minutes etc before you order your service online.
Second step: compare and choose a price plan.
You need to consider the figure of free minutes and text, free time period (any time, off-peak time or weekend), free range (free only to the same network or to any network).
Third step: compare and choose a favourite handset. There are four kinds of handsets to choose: non-flip, flip, slide and rotate.
Fourth step: submit your personal details for credit check.
Fifth step: normally, you will receive you handset in the following day after you pass your credit check. Pay monthly phone will be posted by recorded parcel and pay as you go one by first class parcel.
▲ What are the 5 factors you should note when you choose your mobile?

a. Check and choose the functions you need or want like MP3 player,FM radio,camera,colour screen,GPRS,video recorder
b. Check coverage, dual band for UK/Europe,tri-band for UK/Europe/USA,Quad-band for anywhere in World
c. Choose appearance from non-flip, flip, slide and rotate.
d. Choose color from silver、 black 、white、 pink、 orange、 blue 、brown、 red
e. Choose brand from Nokia ,Motorola,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,LG

▲ Is it safe to buy a mobile online?

In UK, all mobile suppliers have reregistered in UK Financial Service Authority (FSA). You can get their details from website www.fsa.gov.uk/register/ or by calling 08456061234. E-commercial has been a standardized sector in UK. Generally, there are some advantages signing up a mobile online over buying in shop. First, it is safer. All mobile contract and details submitted will be saved in computer system digitally. Second, it is more convenient. You can submit your application details through your computer at home, and get your mobile within a couple of days after you pass your credit check. Please note, all your details submitted must be complete and consistent. Especially, your bank details should match your address details. Third, cost is lower. You can get some good exclusive offers which are not available in mobile shops.

▲ How to keep the same number when you buy a new phone in another network?

Every mobile number has a PAC code, which is an authorization number for getting this mobile number. According to the regulation, any telecommunication company should provide PAC code within 48 hours after customers’ request. To do this you must: be outside your contractual obligations to your existing Network or Service provider (commonly 12 months after you got your current phone). Regardless you are a pay as you go or pay monthly customer, you can keep your exiting number when you buy a new phone from different network, which is very easy to realize.
Step 1 Order your new phone.
Step 2 Request a 'Porting Authorization Code' also known as a 'PAC' reference. You need to request this by calling Customer Services department of your current Network or Service Provider. You will find their contact details on a recent bill or statement from them. Note: for Vodafone and O2, you need to provide the PAC when you order your phone, so do this before ordering your new phone.
At the beginning, your phone will be connected with a 'temporary number'. When you get your phone you must contact your new Network directly on the relevant number from the list below quoting your 'temporary number' along with the number you wish to transfer across (your existing number) and your PAC code.


0870 606 0139


0800 376 2285


0870 733 0333

Virgin Mobile

0845 6000 789

BT Mobile

0800 032 2111
Important—Do not 'cancel' your existing contract as disconnected numbers cannot subsequently be transferred. When you provide your PAC number to your new network your existing contract will automatically be cancelled. Your number transfer is processed by your current & new network. So if something goes wrong we'll do our best to help but we are sorry that we can not accept any responsibility for failed/delayed number transfers.
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